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Meet our Artisans

Janet 4.JPG


Through Kisanii Market I learned new skills and now able to make different types of products.  Not only I have a job, but truly thankful that I can provide for my family.


I can now afford to buy food, but that sometimes was difficult before I joined Kisanii Market.  Without this opportunity, life would be too hard for me and my family.

Hannnah Ruguru2.JPG
Priscilla 2.JPG


Our community is a small village and life is hard.  I am a single mother with 5 children.  I am the breadwinner and Kisanii Market enables me to feed my children.


I could have lost hope in life looking at the times my children needed me and I was not in a position to provide for them.  I can now even afford to pay school fees and rent, which was very challenging before I joined Kisanii Market.

Susan 3.JPG
Reuben Lukale.JPG


I, unfortunately, used drugs and was involved in a bad lifestyle.  Since I received the training at Kisanii Market, I can now make leather coasters, wallets, book covers, and pouches.  I have acquired new skills, and now earn a living to help my family.  I am passionate about my work.


I’m married with four children.  My husband is a casual laborer.  We help each other with whatever we get to put food on the table.  Being an artisan for Kisanii Market has helped me pay for my children’s school fees so they can have a better future.

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Betty 3.JPG
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Being a Kisanii Market artisan was a new experience and it changed my life financially.  I can now make bags, earrings, and other products.  I can now see a brighter future through Kisanii Market.


I am married with 8 children.  Life is too hard in my community, but through the training, I received at Kisanii Market I can now make bags and bracelets.  My dream is to have my own workshop and train others with the skills I have gained.

Mary Nduta 3.JPG
Judy 4.JPG


In our community there is lack of employment, Kisanii Market helps by giving employment in this community to the unemployed.  My dream is to join the university.  Through this work, I’m able to save a little.  I know I will join!

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