Rescued from the Storm

Esther is 21 years old and lives the Gichagi slum with her mother and younger brother. With her mother unable to work due to severe arthritis, Esther is the sole provider for her family. The generational cycle of poverty is hard to overcome, but Esther is trying her best. She attends school trying to better her life while doing everything she can to make sure her family does not go hungry. When she isn’t at school, she earns a small income by working at a local distribution company and relies on her student loan to help make ends meet.

That is, until COVID hit.

The company Esther worked for shut down and laid off all of its staff, leaving Esther without any income. To make matters worse, schools were closed due to the pandemic. This promising, hard-working young lady was left feeling shattered and hopeless. But God was with Esther.

Esther was familiar with Vapor Ministries because her younger brother is a league participant. She learned of a job opportunity from a lady who works at Vapor Ministries making products for Kisanii Market. Esther eagerly applied and was hired to join our team of artisans at Vapor Ministries. She praises God for rescuing her in this storm. She loves the morning devotion shared each day before work. Now, Esther is able to use her creative talent as she is being trained and empowered in her new role. Thank you for purchasing from Kisanii Market and helping us meet the needs and feed the souls of people like Esther and her family.