Multiplying Opportunity

Hannah has lived in the Gichagi slum for more than a decade. She is shy, but displays a sweet smile when discussing her 10-year-old boy and his soccer prowess. A hardworking mother and wife, Hannah helps create many of the products available on Kisanii Market.

She was first introduced to Vapor Ministries by a former volunteer, and has been working as an artisan for four years. When Hannah began her work as an artisan, the entire field was new to her. She had never tried her hand at craftsmanship, and was thankful for the opportunity to learn a new, employable skill. Now, Hannah has carved out a sustainable income for herself and her family.

“It was fun for me, I really liked it,” Hannah said of her first exposure to the artisan work. “This is my most favorite job I’ve ever had.”

Through her employment and through the broader Vapor Ministries organization, Hannah has had the opportunity not only to learn and grow as an artisan, but also to grow in her faith as well.

“The environment here is conducive to success, because you’re being taught at the same time you are learning the job,” she said. “Those are more privileges than I can get at a job outside Vapor. This is a place for discipleship.”

Prior to her exposure to Vapor Ministries, Hannah did not have consistent employment, thus had no reliable avenue to help provide for her family and young son. Life was challenging. Her employment has not solved the deep-rooted realities of her economic situation, but has provided significant relief, and allows for legitimate hope in the future.

Hannah has dreams. As she looks ahead and plans out her preferred future, she hopes to someday translate the skills she has learned and is learning at Vapor Ministries into her own business, where she can then begin to teach others the life and trade skills that have been taught to her.

The beautiful craftmanship of the products available on Kisanii Market are produced by people like Hannah, people who are utilizing innate talent and learned skills to create high-quality products while providing for themselves and their families.