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The Kisanii Market Story

Seemingly inescapable poverty. Heart-wrenching need. On his first trip to an African slum, statistics became names and faces for Micah McElveen. “I knew I would spend the rest of my life trying to forget what I saw, or spend the rest of my life doing something about it,” Micah said upon his return.

Wrestling in the tension between his own plan for his life and a new stirring in his heart, Micah began to consider what it would look like if he were to live for those who were trapped in extreme poverty and had limited or no access to the Gospel. Through prayer and fasting, this tension gave birth to Vapor Ministries, a mission-focused organization with a core vision to meet needs, feed souls and Elevate God.

For over 15 years, Vapor Ministries has provided physical, spiritual, and economic services to people in third-world areas. This continued drive to empower the poor later gave birth to Kisanii Market. Our mission is to empower and provide a marketplace for artisans living in extremely impoverished communities. We showcase high-end, international handiwork, giving people like you the opportunity to discover exquisite, handcrafted works of art.

Working within Vapor Ministries’ centers, Kisanii Market trains and develops local talent in the art of craftsmanship. Local resources are cultivated to create a hand-up poverty alleviation channel that fuels true, lasting community transformation.

As you shop the amazing products at Kisanii Market, you are threading together a story in human flourishing. The impact is bigger than a single product. Every product represents an artisan that now has a space on the global marketplace.

Thank you for supporting Kisanii Market. You are directly responsible for helping empower our artisans through your purchases. Visit our blog page to read some of the stories of the amazing artisans behind the products you see.

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