Redemption of a Role Model

Before Reuben’s young life had truly begun, it was already in peril. With no discernable job prospects and a challenging family life, Reuben turned to a life consumed by self-satisfaction at a young age.

“Before I learned about Vapor, I was not working,” Reuben said. “I was just staying at home, taking drugs, I was just looking to satisfy myself. My life before Vapor was just not good.”

Through grace disguised as happenstance, Reuben began volunteering at the Vapor Ministries’ center in Gichagi in 2018, which he credits for helping to turn his life around. After proving himself as a capable volunteer, he was approached with the opportunity to join the artisan program and to begin learning how to produce quality goods.

Reuben quickly developed a passion for the work as his co-workers and superiors poured time and effort into his development. A lost soul with little ambition prior to his time with Vapor Ministries, Reuben had developed into a passionate, detail-oriented worker who took pride in his work.

The firstborn child in his family, Reuben has five younger siblings who look up to him. Through his employment with Kisanii Market, he is able to help provide for them and has the opportunity to live out an example of a life he hopes his younger siblings can emulate.

“I feel very good, I feel that I have something to offer to my family,” Reuben said. “It helps me to encourage my younger siblings too, to show them not to be like me before I found Vapor.”

Reuben is hopeful he can take the lessons and skills he has learned, both technical and personal, and transition those into an entrepreneurial endeavor later in life.

“My dream is to become a businessman and manage my own business,” Reuben said with a smile. “The work I do at Vapor Ministries has helped me to manage myself, and has taught me how to do work without supervision.”

Through Kisanii Market and the high-quality goods available, more individuals like Reuben are able to realize their potential and help break the chains of generational cycles of poverty.