Success Overcomes Struggle

At 26, Susan has experienced many trials and hardships in her young life. A single mother of two, Susan is the primary provider for her young children and has experienced difficulties and challenge on a level unknown to many. Before she arrived at Vapor, Susan struggled, sometimes mightily, to meet even the barest needs for her children.

“When my kids needed me, I was not in a position to provide them even a book, due to lack of money,” Susan recalls of her struggles. “When I became an artisan at Kisanii Market, my struggles to raise my children were reduced.”

Susan’s smile is infectious. She is bubbly, and carries with her an affectionate temperament. She was 18 years old when she was first introduced to Vapor Ministries and was a volunteer for many years, but took the initiative herself to join the artisan program after learning of it internally. After being accepted into the artisan program, Susan immediately began to make a difference, and the opportunity provided immediate impact for her and her family as well.

“I have learned new skills that have created an opportunity for employment,” she said. “I am able to pay school fees, pay rent and buy food from the earnings of the job.”

Susan credits Vapor Ministries for helping create comprehensive change in her life as well as her surrounding community. A native of Gichagi, she understands the economic plight of the slum as well as anyone.

“I am from a community where people are struggling with life, and many are unemployed,” she said. “When Vapor Ministries provides job opportunities, it allows us to support one another in different ways.”

Susan is ambitious, and hopes to utilize her skillset to one day start her own business, where she can begin to offer others the same opportunity Vapor has provided to her. Community transformation can be long, slow and exhausting work. Through people like Susan, however, this transformation is taking root deep in the heart of Gichagi, and allowing for spiritual and economic renewal on an exciting scale.