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Kisanii Market Mission

We empower and provide a marketplace for artisans living in impoverished communities.

Providing a Marketplace for Artisans

As you purchase these amazing products, you are threading a story in human flourishing. Behind every piece is an artisan who now has a space in the global marketplace.

Hand-Up Poverty 


Local resources are cultivated to create a “hand-up” poverty alleviation channel that fuels durable, holistic community transformation.

Exquisite, Handcrafted
Works of Art

We showcase high-end, international handiwork, giving people like you the opportunity to discover exquisite, handcrafted works of art.

Impact Story

My name is Hannah.

“The environment here is conducive to success because you’re being taught at the same time you are learning the job,” she said. “Those are more privileges than I cannot get at a job outside of Kisanii Market."

Prior to her exposure to Kisanii Market, Hannah did not have consistent employment, thus had no reliable avenue to help provide for her family and young son. Life was challenging. Her employment has not solved the deep-rooted realities of her economic situation but has provided significant relief, and allows for legitimate hope in the future.


Hannah has dreams. As she looks ahead and plans out her preferred future, she hopes to someday translate the skills she has learned and is learning at Kisanii Market into her own business, where she can then begin to teach others the life and trade skills that have been taught to her.

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"The products are beautiful and high quality. Also received excellent customer service and I love that we can support mission work and provide jobs with our purchases."

Lindsey K.

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